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The Easy
Day was
Glenn Payne
descriptions of violence
After day 84, LCpl Payne's vehicle got hit by an IED while attempting to travel to a remote patrol base.
He stopped journaling for the rest of the deployment and to this day has trouble with it.
Day 46 - It was Charlie Company. Doc Emitt got shot in the face. Holton in both legs + Platte in the calf. It’s freaking me out that Holton is gone now. I was just with him like 18 or 17 days ago. I also hate that people who don’t know these guys will look at my pictures and only see the picture, not the person in it.

I think that might be the hardest part of this deployment for me. ‘Cause when I get back to my shop the only thing they’ll see is the picture + say oh that’s nice + in my mind I’ll think about that guy who I took a picture of who got shot or blown up a couple days later. April 21, 2010

ten years later,
Glenn reflects on his deployment
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